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Ultimate Beginner Rhythm down to $3.99. Short time only! The absolute best way to start learning rhythm guitar. Stacks of beginner rhythm examples, plus easy chords and common chord progressions. Full colour, large scale images make learning how to play guitar rhythm a breeze. Get it now.


We're currently working on a few projects.

  • Our Super Beginner Bass ebook is nearing completion of its first draft.
  • We've more video tutorials to shoot and more royalty free music to record.
  • In the midst of that we need to repair a guitar!

Our favourite acoustic guitar gave way recently. Rather than take it straight to the guitar shop we took up the challenge, did research and decided to give fixing the acoustic guitar a shot for ourselves! What will  the end result be? We'll let you know. We stuck a camera inside so we weren't poking around blindly. Here's a cool screenshot from that footage. We just love the wood textures, lines and curves on this image. This is not a cheap acoustic and we've had it for 25 years. In the image you can see the cutaway (on the right), the truss rod entry point (middle top) and the tone/volume unit (left). What we were looking for is where the braces are to get the clamping right on a new bridge. Read more.

For SingerS, Songwriters and Players.

Our Super Rock School YouTube channel has great videos with excellent ideas to improve your playing and songwriting skills. It suits all popular styles and playing levels. Of course, we have more new videos to come so you'll always have new inspiration to accelerate your playing and music skills. Subscribe today! You'll find examples on this page. 


Super Rock School are happy to supply royalty free music tracks at great prices. It's true, music tracks can be very expensive and time-consuming to produce. That's why so many other sites charge higher prices. Here at Super Rock School we want to be able to cheaply provide original music as a resource for students, independent game developers and film makers, community broadcasting and similar. If your project is commercial, that's fine too. You can all take advantage of our extremely low priced royalty free music tracks. To hear samples visit the AUDIO section in the top menu and purchase from our CATALOG.

Here's a sample of our latest track. It's a retro electronica track with a heavy, grinding feel. Perfect for something urban, industrial or sci-fi.

How do I write a song in G Major?

If you start writing a song with a G Major chord what other chords do you use? Have you been wondering that? Watch our video as it takes you through the theory of how chords in the key of G Major are built. Then try out our fun activity and see if you can work out which chords are used for some common chord progression in that key. You can take a look at the score and tablature by finding this lesson in our Musician's Den.

What is a relative minor?

If you play music chances are you've heard about a 'Relative Minor'. What is a relative minor and how do you use it? Each Major chord has a minor chord that relates to it note-wise. So, you can get tricky in music and play the minor chord instead of the Major chord in the right circumstances. It's a great way to expand your melodies, harmonies and solo playing.  Watch our video for a full explanation.

Awesome free Music Tips

Usually we create a complete blog entry for our free music tips. It's called the Musician's Den on this site. Our latest entry is about expanding your pentatonic scales to get out of the rut of only using box shapes. Whilst it's many for guitarists bass players will get some great ideas because those bottom four strings are the same, right? Plus there's a few tricks in there that other instrumentalists like pianists, sax players or flutists can apply too! Learn more.

Online Songwriting Course

Get our best selling course! - "Songwriting 1: How to Write a Hit Song" is ranked 4.2 out of 5 stars by student reviews. Join the enthusiastic music students who are learning awesome new ideas for writing catchy original songs.

Hundreds of students have taken the online course and have gained excellent songwriting skills. Learn awesome songwriting tips by watching how we created over 20 original songs across a range of music genres; rock, pop, blues, R&B, funk, reggae and more. If you want to write great songs get this course! Click play to watch a sample lesson or click on the banner to get started on writing awesome songs. Over 2 hours of visuals with more than 40 extras for you to take advantage of.

  • "Great course. Straight forward walk-through of building a song with clear examples including bass parts which was cool. Also, showed how music theory fits into the construction of a song and how different styles can be represented with a few changes. Really enjoyed it and will watch again!" - Brett S. 
  • "Your teaching was prepared and polished - Great job!" - Udemy Review Team
  • "Teacher is clear, concise and interactive and lessons are easy to learn and easy to follow. Great job." - Suppoman ®
  • "This course has good content with good visuals. You get to see the lesson and hear it individually and then combined together for the full sound. The demonstrations... included ties it all together." - Greg R

Music Gear and other cool stuff

Super Rock School also brings you some of the world's biggest brands. True genuine products at discount prices. Great deals are frequently offered! So check them today.

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If skateboarding is your thing check out decks and gear by Ruind Skate - a new Australian business who design their own skateboard decks. Click the skateboard image to visit their site. Opens in a new window (because there's still cool stuff here too, right.)

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