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 We turned our hand to electronica this weekend and  went a little industrial. The footage isn't ours but the music is. The footage is pixelated because had to slow it down to match the length of the demo track. We don't mind. I kind of suits. What are your thoughts? You can read a full breakdown of how this short piece was inspired and created by visiting our Musician's Den.

Get great ideas to inspire your songwriting here at our website. Simply visit the Musician's Den in the navigator menu at the top of this page. There you'll find an awesome selection of ideas for all musicians suitable for a wide range of popular music styles and instruments. We update often so make sure you keep coming back to see what's new. It could be just the musical inspiration you are looking for.

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Subscribe to be updated on new Musician's Den posts and we'll send you our sixteen page PDF - 17 Awesome Tips for Musicians! Includes diagrams, piano scores, guitar and bass tabs.

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