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We've just released our Super Beginner Bass ebook. Get the best lessons on bass playing to become a rock solid and creative bass player. Learn walks, octaves, scales, notes, rests, patterns and more. For left or right handers, and your choice to learn fingerstyle or using a pick (hey, go for both!). 43 pages of full colour, print quality ebook PLUS 30 audio examples AND 3 practice tracks for you to use. Get it now!

To celebrate the release of Super Beginner Bass get it at 50% off! Limited time only.

Awesome free Music Tips

Check out our free music lessons located in a cool place called the Musician's Den. It's our music blog full of great tips for musicians of all levels and styles. Our most recent lesson gives a workout for picking and playing through a harmonised progression in E Major on guitar. Click on the image to visit the post and get the full info.

Our Super Rock School YouTube channel has great songwriting videos. There's plenty of excellent ideas to improve your playing and other cool music related tips. Suits all popular styles and playing levels. Just search - Super Rock School.

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Our latest featured artist is "Mella". Learn about this talented singer, songwriter, author and more at our most recent artist review. We review three tracks from her album "Zebra Stone" and share some of her experiences in the world of professional music. Read about Mella.

Would you like your own review? We'll give you a professional and favourable review of your work for free. Yep, just to help you build your profile and increase your exposure. Learn more at our review page.


An essential part of recording is using a click track. Check our latest blog post that gives a beginner guide to click tracks. Perfect for hitting it up in the studio or recording at home. Read about it here.

Online Songwriting Course

Get our best selling course! - "Songwriting 1: How to Write a Hit Song" is ranked 4.2 out of 5 stars by student reviews. Join the enthusiastic music students who are learning awesome new ideas for writing catchy original songs.

Hundreds of students have taken the online course and have gained excellent songwriting skills. Learn awesome songwriting tips by watching how we created over 20 original songs across a range of music genres; rock, pop, blues, R&B, funk, reggae and more. If you want to write great songs get this course! Click play to watch a sample lesson or click on the banner to get started on writing awesome songs. Over 2 hours of visuals with more than 40 extras for you to take advantage of.

  • "Great course. Straight forward walk-through of building a song with clear examples including bass parts which was cool. Also, showed how music theory fits into the construction of a song and how different styles can be represented with a few changes. Really enjoyed it and will watch again!" - Brett S. 
  • "Your teaching was prepared and polished - Great job!" - Udemy Review Team
  • "Teacher is clear, concise and interactive and lessons are easy to learn and easy to follow. Great job." - Suppoman ®
  • "This course has good content with good visuals. You get to see the lesson and hear it individually and then combined together for the full sound. The demonstrations... included ties it all together." - Greg R.

Music Gear and other cool stuff

Super Rock School also brings you some of the world's biggest brands. True genuine products at discount prices. Great deals are frequently offered! Browse gear.

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