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The internet is changing rapidly. How customers and the public access websites is always changing. For example, below are some of the major changes that the internet is adjusting to.

  • Google's restructured search engine
  • The widespread adoption of QR Codes, apps and mobile devices
  • Hashtags being given priority in internet search results - all the big social sites are using them

Which was easier to do to access this page - open up your web browser and type in a website address or make a few swift clicks on your mobile device? With a QR code your clients no longer need to remember (or have written down) your web address. They can just click and be there in an instant! You can even send them to a specific page on your website. It may be the main page, a special promotion you are running, or your contact details. You could even have a special page just for your staff.

 Rockbadger Productions QR code

What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response. It is a convenient way to direct people to information - usually your website. As you can see in the image, QR codes no longer need to be boring black and white. They can be as small as a postage stamp, feature on the side of a bus or even on a building. Your probably don't need one that big. However, why not get in early and take advantage of this new direction in technology? Give potential clients easy access to your webpage. The next time you run off new business cards, promotional flyers, or other printed material include a QR code. You could put one up in your business window for passersby, include one on a restaurant menu, have one on a waiting room wall chart or your business stationary letterhead. There's a world of possibilities to improve your business marketing and create interaction with customers.

Contact me to discuss a personalised QR code for your business! I am currently offering you a custom design QR code for $35.00 for a standard sized code.

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