Real gear for real musicians. Check out this awesome range of music gear and apps for musicians by IK Multimedia. This is just a sample of their excellent catalog. IK Multimedia have a wide range of gear for musicians, performers and media professionals of all styles. It's gear designed by artists for artists. Deals are always featured, so don't wait. Check it out now.

IK Multimedia's Fender Collection 2
IK Multimedia's MODO BASS
IK Multimedia's iLoud Micro Monitor
IK Multimedia - iRig Pads
IK Multimedia's iRig Mic Studio
IK Multimedia - iKlip Xpand
iRig MIX - Mobile Mixer for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad
IK Multimedia - iRig UA
IK Multimedia's iRig Acoustic Stage
IK Multimedia -  iRig Mic Field
IK Multimedia - iRig MIDI 2

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