Change of Seasons

Hi there. Well, you may notice that this blog page isn't like other blogs. We don't exactly churn out a heap of blogs about life, the universe and everything here. There's a simple reason for that - our daily music lesson. It takes quite a bit of effort to put up a new music lesson everyday. It's quite demanding actually. And, we try to keep on track with that except when things like holidays or the internet being down interfere. But, what are you going to do??

Anyway... to help show that we are always active in some way we though we'd give you a sneak peak of what we have been doing now. Shown here is a frame extracted from a short documentary piece we are involved in with the goal of submission to film festivals. See that snake? That's the Eastern Brown Snake. It's the second most venomous snake on the planet, and responsible for the most deaths in Australia. So, guess who's been filming it. Yup, your friendly team from Rockbadger Productions with assistance from the guys at Snakes Are Us.

Oh, and we also did get some footage of most venomous snakes #3 (Coastal Taipan) and #1 (Inland Taipan). That's the three most venomous snakes in the word. And, just to keep that adrenaline up none of them are passive snakes. They know they are bad and not afraid to go a few rounds of tag. Like you can see below. How close do we get? Pretty damn close! There's no other option to get that good shot.

Eastern Brown Snake attacks

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