The Lost World

There, is a corner of South-East Queensland, near the New South Wales border, is a stunning part of nature known as 'the Lost World'. The sky is blue, the trees are green, the air smells fresh and it's noticeably cooler than the rest of Queensland. This part of Queensland really lives up to its name. Apart from a few scattered rural houses, it truly feels like you've stepped back in time to many thousands of years ago. A pristine nature virtually untouched by man. Although, I'm pretty sure atop one of these mountains is the wreckage of a crashed plane which has become both sad and nostalgic for the area.

We had a chance to head out to the Lost World for a video shoot. We'd been asked to document the release of some native Australian animals back into the wild. Unfortunately, we can't show any of that footage. We did think that this one video frame (which is why it's not exactly photo quality) looked awesome. While you are admiring the beauty of the area take a look at that cliff face on the right. Those dark patches are caves! What's in there? Maybe one day we'll find out. 

Lost World Queensland

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