What your lingerie colors mean

Whether you just threw it on or carefully chose it your choice in lingerie colour sends out a message to others. It can also reflect how you are thinking about yourself. Here's a brief (nice pun, yes) guide to what your underwear colours mean.

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Black is a classic and safe colour. It's also very seductive. People associate black lingerie with slenderness. It invokes authority, power and creativity. Women wearing black underwear generally have less barriers.

Blue invokes feelings of peace and tranquility, but is also an adventurous colour. Baby blue reflects some modesty. Royal blue is classy. Electric blue is daring.

Blush Bras and Lingerie

Red is obviously a passionate colour. It draws attention and makes the wearer feel confident. It invokes love and sensuality. Unfortunatly, can also make the wearer appear a little heavier. It's a bold colour that can be both sexual and/or romantic.

White is associated with purity. It comes across as pure and innocent. Some consider white to be common, although for others it can be youthful and energetic or just going with a new look.

Yellow suggests honesty, adventure and satisfaction.

Green is associated with nature and also money thanks to green being the 'colour of money'. It sends a message of prosperity, fertility and fruitfulness. Women with green eyes often chose green underwear.

Blush Bras and Lingerie

Pink is a colour of innocent romance. It's a relaxing, approachable colour. Pink can range from a soft pale pink to a vibrant hot pink.

Purple is a luxurious and royal colour. It's an elegant and sophisticated colour. It's a colour rarely found in nature and so draws attention. It's a powerful colour that is feminine and romantic.

Brown is definitely a conservative colour.

Natural/Nude is similar to a white person's skin tone. It comes across as natural and does not draw unwanted attention. It's a great 'office' colour. To add a little excitement you could venture into a chocolate colour.

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