The 530 Year Old Mystery of King Richard Solved

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In 2012, an amazing discovery was made in a carpark in Leicester, England. Archaeologists had carefully discerned the approximate burial place of England's most intriguing monarch, King Richard III who died in battle in 1485. And, where did the trail they followed lead them? To a vacant space in a carpark, ironically, with the letter 'R' on it (for reserved). And thus, a 530 year old mystery found closure... Or, did it?

Avid Richardian, Mark Porter, residing in the beautiful Scenic Rim, Queensland, Australia, had for many years been on his own journey of discovery. It involved laborious research through information both printed and online, contact with Richard III specialists, and finally travelling across the globe from Australia to England to visit actual locations that featured in the life of King Richard III.

Video camera in hand Mark created his own independent documentary on the turbulent life of the King. Titled 'Searching For Richard - One Man's Journey', his enlightening documentary presents the life of King Richard III in an engaging, yet objective approach. It features interviews with authorities on the life of King Richard III and the medieval culture of the time, location shots, historical records, and animated battle sequences. Through-out Mark presents information with zeal, bringing alive the highs and lows from the life of the king, everything from dashed hopes of romance and betrayal by those close to him to his masterful combat strategy and a love of the common folk.

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Rockbadger Productions was proud to work with Mark in producing his 4 part documentary series. We also assisted with promotion and running of the world premiere of the screening of "Searching for Richard - One Man's Journey". It was held at a local restaurant in the resplendent Kooralbyn Valley, Australia. The restaurant reached maximum capacity as persons close and afar packed in for a medieval style dinner, and for some, a first time ever look at the life of King Richard III. Appropriately arrayed in Yorkish decoration and iconography of King Richard III the evening was set for an atmospheric showing of Mark's documentary series.

Later feedback of the night was all positive with attendees commending Mark's delivery style and quality of information. Many were glad to see battles played out in animation giving a new clarity to the combat situations.

Of course, there are many interesting details that this blog post has purposely left out. Watch part one of the documentary and follow through all four parts to the exciting completion.

Click here to watch.

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'Searching For Richard - One Man's Journey' was sponsored by Genesis Health Products.

The event promo poster for Searching For Richard - One Man's Journey was designed and printed by Rockbadger Productions.

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