How To Write A Hit Song

The Rockbadger Productions team have been busy. After finishing a few other projects we found that a window of opportunity had opened up for us to begin and complete our own project that had been sitting in the background and demanding attention for some time.

That project is our new online songwriting course. Here's our promotional video. It's a tight and exciting one minute long so all you have to do is press play...

This project included something new for us. Well, possibly a lot of new things. But one element in particular stood out. We'd moved into the 3D world of animation. 3D is what people want now and we were happy to have components of this course rendered in gorgeous 3D CG. That means we've got new skills to present to you.

As you can see even in the picture above the course is a visually appealing blend of 2D and 3D techniques. But, visuals really are nothing unless what it supports is quality. How often have you gone to see a sci-fi or action movie and thought that looked awesome but it lacked substance. Not for our course! The quality of information is excellent.

So, if you're an aspiring songwriter, or want to learn some new song writing tricks then this is the course for you. Not only does it work for traditional band type musicians it's great for producers and studio engineers to get great ideas on how to bring out more from their talent. It's also great for digital composers, soundtracks, film and even video game music! So, what are you waiting for. Click on the preview and follow the path to an exciting and awesome songwriting course.