Well, maybe not exactly calamity, but hopefully we got your attention. Our Advanced Rhythm Guitar course was nearing completion. In fact, we had so much footage that we decided to split it into 2 courses. All up it came to about 4 hours of footage after editing. But... well, there were a few technical issues and some has to be re-filmed. We're in the re-filming stage at the moment and travelling well.

It's one of those things where you shake your fist at the sky, and then say, "well, just got to shake it off and do what needs to be done." And, actually, it's kind of a blessing. Because the content of the re-shoots turned out much better.

So, happy days to you. And, if one of your projects goes sour, take a deep breath and dive straight back in (as much as it can seem like an unclimbable mountain). The end result may just be worth it.


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Out of space sound effects!

Looking for some cool sound effects to add to your projects? NASA have just released a whole collection of space sounds for you to use. This audio includes the classics "the Eagle has landed" and "Houston, we have a problem" to rocket noise, Russian satellites, space toilets and more! And, it's all free to use. Follow the link to get some authentic, out of this world sounds for your projects.